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Apr. 18th, 2017 07:40 pm
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Player: Melissa
Contact: melcat33 (plurk), KawaiiUsagi33 (AIM), Melcat33@aol.com (e-mail) , melcat33#1997 (discord)
Age: 28
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Character: Apple White
Age: Not given, but implied to be a teenager, perhaps 15-17.
Canon: Ever After High
Canon Point: Post Spring Unsprung

Background: Wiki!

While many students at Ever After High have a great story around them, Apple White was raised to believe hers was the best. All her life everyone has called her absolutely perfect - which, as you can imagine, is an extremely difficult image to maintain. But Apple has welcomed this challenge with open arms, refusing to do anything half-way. If she's asked to do something, she will give it 110%, even in areas she's uncomfortable with. One example of this is when Raven dared Apple to take her classes - switching heroine for villain ones - Apple refused to back down and was determined to ace them as she would her other classes. She enjoys being the best, as it means she did it herself without any help.

With everyone adoring her and constantly complimenting her, it'd be really easy to paint Apple White as a stereotypical witch with a b. Thankfully her heart is as beautiful as the rest of her - she absolutely adores her friends, and is happy to make new ones. It's actually because of her love for her friends that a lot of the Ever After High plot happens - Raven Queen, her best friend foreverafter, is destined to poison her and then be shunned and hated her whole life. Apple assumed this was what Raven wanted, and what would be best for everyone. But when Raven reveals she doesn't want to go through with it and doing so would make her completely miserable, Apple is utterly torn. She doesn't want to hurt her friend, but she's terrified of what happens if their story doesn't go as planned. She's afraid of the unknown, because if you can't guarantee happiness, who knows if you'll have it? She wants to have a Happily Ever After since the title itself guarantees joy for the rest of your life and control. She's afraid of surprises, since you can't plan for them, and sadness can come just as easily as happiness when it comes to surprises.

...  Also, death. She nearly drowned as a kid, and the Headmaster has her convinced that deviating from the story means you'll go poof, so, death is a factor in the whole "being afraid of the unknown and the un-guaranteed" deal.

Apple is slavishly devoted to her story, half due to pride and half due to fear. As someone who enjoys simple logic, she feels most calm when everything is in its place and goes according to plan - even down to her outfits needing to have the exact perfect details. She even hides the fact that she needs glasses because 100% beautiful princesses don't wear glasses. But every so often she does feel an urge to prove to people that she's more than just the daughter of Snow White and a pretty face - she wants people to love her for ALL of her, including her brain. It's part of why she never backs down from a challenge, although there are times when this too is a problem. Sometimes she can see things like making new friends as a challenge, and as a result will try too hard without listening to what the other person wants, instead assuming she already knows.

In fact, a lot of Apple's problems stem from assuming. She assumed Raven would enjoy being evil, she assumed the other Royals wanted their destiny, and when she's proven wrong, she struggles to make them change their minds. Surely they would be happier if they just listened to Apple! It's only when she sees things from their point of view that she understands. Ultimately she is a good person, and she will make the right choices. But for now, she's terrified of surprises, and will do all in her power to set things right - at least, what she sees as right.

Enchanted Singing : She can summon animals to her aide and sometimes get them to do as she asks. There's a lighter effect on men - they may feel more inclined to help her, but can fight it off.
She also has high scores/grades in oration, dancing, and chemistry.

Thras - Underneath Apple's smiling face, fear and cowardice drive her forward. She's afraid of disappointing her mother and not fulfilling her destiny. Part of why she strives for everyone to follow their destiny is fear, as she believes that straying from it will put them in mortal danger. However, in her heart there is courage - the courage to try new things and be open to new experiences, and to stand up for those she cares about. She has great potential to balance out her fear and bravery.

Other: N/A


General Sample:
(Referencing GT0402 on the Task Board)

Apple White had never trimmed a hedge in her life - which automatically made her want to try it once she read it upon the Task Board. It also sounded like fun - bringing a topiary to life with your emotions? That was kind of thing that'd fit right in at school. Maybe it'd cure some of her homesickness. As the lesson came, Apple was the perfect student, as always - asking the right questions, obeying the instructions to the letter, and doing everything with a smile on her face. In fact, she was the first one done, and the first one to get the plants moving! As she proudly showed off her hedge - now in the shape of a cute bunny - she waited for the usual spiel of compliments and adoration.

Except this wasn't her school - instead of applause, she got glares and mutterings.
"Why did she bother coming if she's so good at it already?"
"She probably just thinks she's better than us."

Apple froze in place, her eyes widening. She'd never really heard jealousy before - at least not to her face. It wasn't something she entirely understood. If one person did a good job, then everyone should be able to enjoy it. Why were they upset? She'd done everything she was supposed to. She cleared her throat, unaware of the leaves falling off the hedge due to her anxiety. "You know, I really can't wait to see what everyone else makes!" She said with sweetness and a flutter of dainty eyelashes. "I bet they're all going to look great! Why, maybe we could even have a little plant parade! Wouldn't that be fun?"

For a moment, this seemed to calm everyone's nerves, though no one was looking at her directly. Apple sighed in relief, and began to walk over toward the other students. "See, you're doing great!" She chirped, lightly patting one woman on the shoulder. "I can already see the ears on your adorable puppy!"

The woman stopped, and looked up, eyes narrowing. "It's not a puppy."

Oops. Apple paled, as did the hedge. In an odd way, she was glad she wasn't at school, so none of her friends could see how badly she was messing up. "Oh, um, I'm sorry! It's such a sweet...turtle?"

The woman huffed and threw down her shears, and was soon joined by the others as she stormed off in a huff. Apple desperately called after them, needing to know what she got wrong. She was trying her best! Wasn't that good enough? "Wait, I'm sure I can get it right! We can still have fun! Please...?" But soon she was alone, save for the decaying hedges. She sighed, going over the entire moment in her head, replaying so she could examine every last detail. If she couldn't fix the situation right now, maybe she could try again in the future. In fact, she wouldn't leave this spot until she knew what it was. She walked in pace, hand on her chin, brows furrowed.

She'd solve this problem, and everyone would be happily ever after. Sure they would. They had to be.

Emotion Sample:
Test Drive Link.

Questions: Are you a royal or a rebel?


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